5-Year-Old Orders $3,000 Worth Of Boots And Toys On Her Mom’s Amazon In USA

Amazon, unauthorized purchases, cowgirl boots, toys, motorcycles, children’s Jeep

Jessica Nunes, a resident of Massachusetts in the United States, thought that giving her mobile phone to her five-year-old daughter during a car ride would help calm the child down. Little did she know that her daughter, Lila Varisco, had the ability to navigate Amazon and place online orders. As per WJAR, Lila placed an order worth $3,000 on Amazon via her mother’s account, adding 10 pairs of cowgirl boots and several toys to her shopping cart.

“I go on my Amazon order history to find that I, or somebody, had ordered 10 motorcycles, a Jeep and 10 pairs of cowgirl boots women’s size seven,” Nunes told NBC 10 News.

“The bikes and the Jeep came out to about $3,180. The boots alone were about $600.” The young girl clicked on “Buy Now” on the Amazon app to select her toys and boots, her mother said.

Amazon, unauthorized purchases, cowgirl boots, toys, motorcycles, children’s Jeep
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The woman caught her daughter making the unauthorized purchase just in time to cancel half of the motorcycle orders and cowgirl boots, but unfortunately, the five motorcycles and two-seater children’s Jeep had already been shipped and eventually delivered.

Despite the large sum spent without permission, Nunes didn’t chastise her daughter. Instead, she suggested that Lila earn a more age-appropriate bike by behaving well and doing chores around the house. “Maybe a little slower,” she added.

This is not the first time that a child has used their parent’s Amazon account to purchase items without their knowledge.

In 2018, a six-year-old girl in Utah, USA spent $350 on her mother’s Amazon account without her mother’s knowledge. The girl reportedly purchased toys, board games, and videos using the one-click ordering feature on Amazon. The mother only realized what had happened when she received the packages in the mail. The incident highlights the need for parents to monitor their children’s online activity and ensure that their accounts are secure to prevent unauthorized purchases.

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